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Matriculation students today are faced with a very difficult choice - at the age of 17, you have to make a decision about what you want to do for the rest of your life and then study it.

That's tough!

Auston College Myanmar is here to help you discover some of the jobs that will still be in demand and will be useful for the future. Read more below!

Construction Project Managers are often poorly represented as just senior construction workers. If you’re not properly trained, you may end up as a construction worker – but not our guys.

We see the world of construction differently. Currently it’s made up of a few key roles:

  • Civil Engineers who design and certify the building for its specific use.
  • Mechanical Engineers who make sure the building has all its services running well.
  • Quantity Surveyors who make sure the right amount of material is available for the building project.
  • Builders who follow the plans that are given by the professionals above and make sure that it meets the requirements.

But the world is changing rapidly. In case you haven’t seen the latest developments in the building industry check out these videos below:

So how do these trends make Construction Project Managers the future of work?

There are tons of jobs that are becoming automated.

Civil Engineering – Quantity Surveying – M&E works and more are becoming automated.

First, Artificial Intelligence will design an entire building for you in CAD. At this stage, civil engineers and architects become redundant.

Then the CAD will be translated into BIM which will make your Quantity Surveyors and M&E engineers redundant. (Read more about BIM here. Our programme covers more than 120 hours of BIM training).

Finally, the BIM models are sent to 3D-printing builders and massive extrusion systems to “create” this building for you.

Since everything will be connected over the internet, the only thing that is left is for all functions to be coordinated, and that is the role of the Construction Project Manager.


Further, it is important to understand how buildings go from old-technology to new-technology. Buzz words like pre-fabricated buildings, smart-buildings, zero-emissions or green-buildings are all the rage now.

As Myanmar moves forward from the 1970s to 2020s, all the latest technology will be adopted immediately and the benefits of being up to date will go to those who invest in it.


Construction Project Managers will be left as the real “builders” of the future. Their responsibility to coordinate several automated systems and to ensure that a magical building is erected, with minimal wastage, and lightning efficiency. All the latest technology is expected to be integrated, yet when complete the building must consume the least amount of resource and also morph to the needs of the day – or maybe even the hour.

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