Why Myanmar needs More Internationally Qualified Engineers

Nowadays, we can see the improvement of engineering technology in every aspect of our life. Engineering technology is involved from the world’s fundamental issues to the exploration of the Universe. Todays world wide large network called the Internet, socials networks like Facebook, search engines like Google, machine learning or Artificial Intelligence (A.I) technologies, all of these everyday technologies are built by qualified engineers. As we can see Engineers already change the way we travel, communicate and health care. So, real world technical issues are resolved in practice by using the engineering technology, so, the demand for skilled engineers worldwide is increasing yearly.

Civil Engineers at work

Basically engineers role is to solve problems and making new things work done more efficiently and effectively. Engineering improvements in todays is so important that engineering category alone is 70% responsible of the progresses of a particular country’s development. Improvements of Engineering are also related to a nations status. So, peoples in a slow developing country used to recognize an Engineer as a Civil Engineer or Irrigation Engineer, in a normal developing country, Engineers would be known as a Software Engineer or Electrical Engineer and in a developed modern country Engineers will be acknowledged as a Mechatronics Engineer or an Aerospace Engineer. Developing countries like Myanmar especially require a lot of innovation and startups to boost the technology advancement of the country.  

Developed countries like Germany, Japan, Korea, and China once suffered the sheer destructions of second world wars and other conflicts. But as the conflicts end and the local gain stability, these countries incredibly developed in just 30 years and now they are leading in automobile industries, entertainment markets, electronic devices mass productions and so on. All these economy and technical enhancements wouldn’t achieve without their qualified engineers.

Tokyo during world war2 VS today’s Tokyo

If we look back to the engineering movements and innovations of Myanmar, in December 2013 Myanmar Engineering Council (M.E.C) was established, initiating engineering activities and attempt to lead the Myanmar engineering developments. In engineering accomplishments, local engineers wonderfully built Myanmar’s longest bridge called PAKOKKU Bridge and THANLWIN Bridges. Also, younger generation engineers placed 6 out of the 163 teams at FIRST Global Robotics Olympics, the world first international robotics competition which took place at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C, USA. For a developing country, these kinds of achievements are quite impressive. However, the country still needs more than hundred of thousands of skilled engineers to meet nationwide demands.  


Figure 3A  PAKKOU Bridge                      Figure 3B THANLWIN Bridge

Since Myanmar is now opening up and rapidly developing, talents are the most in need and demand for skilled engineers is also significantly increasing every year. Currently international grade Universities and Schools have been emerged in local education industry. So, local students are now able to learn the sophisticated education directly in affordable ways. Availability to learn the sophisticated education will increase the local scholar population and groups of professional scholars will miraculously shape the country into an modern advance country in short period of time, just like Germany, Japan, China and Korea did. This kind of big opportunities is especially for those younger generations to step in and lead the country into a better place.


Meanwhile, developing countries also need skilled engineers to boost their economy, general developments process and yearly growing in technological requirements. Especially, tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Intel, Dell from U.S need more of these high skilled engineers, which is why high-tech companies attract engineers from around the world with various attractions including attractive salary and other services.

Apple’s iPhone Assembly Robot


According to Engineers Australia group’s research and studies, 82.2% of engineers are in software developments, 82.1% of engineers are in Mining research and developments and 70.7% of engineers are in electrical, manufacturing, and constructions.  Among engineering careers, Gas research and developments, Machine learning or A.I engineers and Software engineering jobs are highest paying salary than other engineering job positions.

Agriculture drone in progress

To sum up, engineering involved everywhere of our life now. Even in the simplest agriculture production are now start using agricultural drones along with tractors and harvesting machines to increase crop production and farming efficiency. Tech industry has even more changes, as machine learning or A.I (Artificial Intelligence) technology is so popular these days, technical teams from institutions are working hard on A.I technology using helps of talented software engineers from around the world. If A.I innovation success, the world will has another technological booming.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

Moreover, today’s wealthiest and notorious billionaires are also engineers such as Space X founder Elon Musk (Aerospace and Software Engineer), Microsoft founder Bill Gates (Software Engineer), Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Software Engineer) and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (Electrical and Software Engineer). So, Engineering is interesting and very precious that it could even change someone life to a whole new level.  As our world venture farther into a future full of artificially intelligent devices, self-driving vehicles, and daily automation, Engineers are crucial and the world will always be in excessive demand.

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